Woman running water with an eSpring™ above the counter unit attached to her kitchen faucet, washing brussel sprouts in a colander. Carbon filter shown next to the image.


Effectively reduce more than 140 potential harmful contaminants with carbon filter technology. Patented multi-stage carbon-block cartridge pulls contaminants from your tap water.


Destroy microorganisms in drinking water with light, not chemicals. The UV Water Purifier also treats water with a UV bulb, which effectively destroy more than 99.99% of waterborne pathogenic bacteria and viruses. 


Never have to guess when your filter needs to be replaced. Our smart-chip technology monitors your filter usage and notifies you (via audio and visual indicators) when it’s time to replace your filter cartridge. You’ll always know your water is receiving the full benefit of your UV Water Purifier.


Our wireless inductive coupling completely isolates the UV bulb from the power source within your unit. The system is designed to be durable, with an easy-to-replace cartridge and only switches the bulb on when water is flowing, saving energy and keeping your water cool.
A pitcher and two glasses filled with water on a table with snacks. Ultraviolet light bulb shown next to the image.
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