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The United States of America is the world’s largest consumer of bottled water. Each year Americans spend $16 billion on bottled water.

What is Filtered Water?

Filtered water is tap water that has been puinking. The way the water is filtered depends on the type of filtration system and the filtered water brands. Overall, they provide the same result: clean, safe drinking water.

Pros of Filtered Drinking Water

There are many reasons why filtered water is a great choice for home or office. Here are some of those reasons.

Odor-Free Water

You have probably noticed a funny smell in tap water. That odor in tap water is chlorine. Municipalities add chlorine to tap water to kill bacteria in city water.

Filtered water removes all impurities from water including chlorine and other contaminants. So there is no smell when you pour yourself a tall glass of water.

Filtered Water is Healthy

Filtration takes out certain chemical and physical particles that are not good for humans to ingest.

Herbicides and pesticides that are used in farming make their way into our lakes and rivers when it rains. The filtration process removes even these tiny particles that are harmful.

However, natural water does have healthy minerals that are good for us. Filtered water brands are able to leave these good minerals in the filtered water. That way, you and your family can drink the healthiest water possible.

Filtered Water is Budget Friendly

On average, Americans spend about $100 per person each year on bottled water. So even though the cost for a filtration system might seem high upfront, it quickly becomes a money-saving investment in as little as a year.

Filtered Water Tastes the Same (or Better)

Did you know that many large bottle water retailers are actually using filtered tap water in their bottles?

Aquafina and Dasani bottle filtered municipal water. And these are both the top 2 brands of bottled water. Overall, 24% of the bottled water Americans drink is filtered tap water.

While many people assume bottled water tastes better, that’s just not true. The studio audience on Good Morning America did a taste test. They preferred the taste of tap water to major bottled water brands including Evian.

So if tap water tastes the same as big brands of bottled water, then filtered water tastes even better than both of those since it removes contaminants from tap water.

Enjoy Filtered Water On Demand

One of the best advantages of filtered water is that you can get it when you need it.

You don’t need to buy in bulk to keep it in stock. And you won’t run out of it. With just the flick of a button or lever, you have contaminant-free drinking water.

Fill jugs for parties or other get-togethers to make it easy for guests to refill their glass. Have some glass or aluminum portable water bottles on hand so you can take your delicious filtered water wherever you go.

Some people like to keep some reusable bottles filled up in the fridge. If you enjoy cold water, this is a great way to have it right when you want it.

About our water purifier system…


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hostel is a lower-cost form of short-term shared sociable lodging where guests can rent a bed, usually a bunk bed in a dormitory, with shared use of a lounge and sometimes a kitchen. Rooms can be mixed or single-sex and have private or shared bathrooms. Private rooms may also be available, but the property must offer dormitories to be considered a hostel.[1][2] Hostels are popular forms of lodging for people backpacking or gap year travelers. They are part of the sharing economy.[3] Benefits of hostels include lower costs and opportunities to meet people from all over the world, find travel partners, and share travel ideas.[4] The ideas that hostels are loud, dirty, gross, unsafe, uncomfortable, bland, and just for young people are untrue myths.[5]

Payment is made exclusively online by card, bank transfer, Revolut card or PayPal.

We have no reception, you cannot enter the hostel without prior reservation.

We don’t take reservation trough phone.

Check-in is starting at 2 pm. You can come after 8 am to leave your storage in luggage area for free. If you don’t have a schedule you can wait in lobby area till 2 pm.


Check-out is at 11 am. Late check-out (not late than 1 pm) it will be 20 lei/person. For check-out later than 1 pm you’ll have to pay for next day.

In check-in day at 7:45 am you will receive an email with all self-check-in details, including door code, room number and bed number.

Be careful, have the battery of your phone  charged!

We have a very well equipped kitchen. Also, near the hostel (300-400 m away) are two big hypermarkets, Kaufland and Carrefour, where you can buy food to prepare in the kitchen.

In the backyard you will find tables and barbecue available at any time.


Each guest have his own locker with key. Since is a shared dormitory, there are no keys for the dormitory’s door.

Each bed is equipped with a towel, a reading lamp, electric socket, a pocket for phone (only top beds), sheets, blanket, pillow on the bed when check-in. 

Towels and sheets can be changed for free over 3 days, when this is requested. 

Bathrooms are on the hall, are individual. Have toilet, sink, shower. Hand soap, towel for hands and toilet paper are included.

We recommend for guest to have slippers, eye masks and earplugs.

Please have the decency to wear at least pants and a t-shirt or pajamas in common areas!

Of course! 🙂 That’s the point of a hostel, right?

We have everything you need for that! A dedicated room, a lot of games and staff who are waiting to play with you. 

In the backyard we have hammocks, hanging chairs, tables, barbecue.

If you want to stay in shape, you can use our gym in the backyard.

Very important!!!

Quiet hours: from 10 pm to 8 am.

We reserve the right to kick out the guests who disturb other guests, staff or neighbors, no matter for how many days they already paid!

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